Thursday, July 15, 2010

i get by with a little help from my DINNER CLUB LADIES!

when i first moved back to sofla, I was invited to join the prestigious fort lauderdale ladies dinner club (okay, maybe just prestigious to those of us who are in it!) and it has been such a blessing. one tuesday a month, we pick a schmancy, fun, trendy, classic restaurant that someone is dying to try. we've had thai, cuban, polynesian nights, we've done "before & after" (appetizer & dessert) nights, italian potlucks and ornament exchanges. it's a great time to come together. we even have business cards!

at our last gathering, we said our farewells to MBRM who is off to Atlanta with her husband and groundhog (her unnamed, unborn son). as a party favor, one of my DCL (dinner club ladies) made all of us these adorable chinese food boxes filled with yummy candy. keep in mind this was almost a month ago, but i have kept my little candy box on my desk and it has been a lifesaver (no pun intended)

so thank you dinner club, for being a sweet treat in my life!