Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a la wedding season!

wedding season is in full swing! i am blessed to have wonderful friends who include me in such big moments in their lives. i love celebrating (but who doesnt really..) but part of celebrating is gift giving & the stumping question of what to get someone or a newlywed couple. here are some of my favorite gift ideas.
for the newly engaged:
- this idea is easy peasy and it is always a hit! :
1. go to your favorite (perhaps secret) mass clothing store (some great ones, suprisingly are: rave, body central, & charlotte russe) and check out their replenishment stock of hoodies & coordinating bottoms - or if you are on a budget, just a hoodie. for my sister i found a white zip up terry cloth dress with cute rouching detail at target for $16.99
*note: if you want to take the extra step, find out the bridesmaids' dress/flowers/favorite color and coordinate 2. google and locate a sporting goods store that specializes in uniforms & does vinyl lettering
2. google an embroidery store
*note: just depends if you want vinyl or threaded letters. most places can do multiple fonts in either format.
3. take to store (durh) and ask them to place on the back..
"future mrs. groomsie name" or "soon to be mrs.groomsie name"
your bride friend will love this & it could be her first time to claim her new last name!
i have also seen this more and more with my friends who have gotten married and think it is so sweet and such a dedication.
- buy your bride to be, a piece of jewelry that has either her groom's first name initial or his birthstone. just recently blake married weston and had twin lauren by her side, lauren married derek 2 years back and so blake gave lauren derek's stone as her bridesmaids gift in form if a dainty ring from tiffany & co.
my long time Kamp friend just got engaged to Chris, so I am thinking about following suit, but in form of a C pendant, chain or coin print..

etsy - one life jewelry
for the bridal shower:
registry items are a safe bet, but it is always fun to add the extra piece. is she registering for a blender? add a smoothie recipe book, a mixer? buy some gourmet cake mix (red velvet!)
for the wedding weekend gift:
i love this idea that i got from smitten design's blog ; check it. i really wanted to get this for Blake for her wedding week, but there is a long lead time, so think ahead. to avoid the ugly hanger in your bride's pre-wedding pictures.. a la pretty hanger!

just some fun ideas to mix it up a little!

Y (something blue!)

Friday, June 4, 2010


and then it happened.