Thursday, March 18, 2010

welcome home

Dear Colton,

You are here! With much anticipation you have arrived to two wonderful parents and even more wonderful families. We are all so excited to watch you grow, prosper and become the stud athlete you are destined to be. You have been given to two dear friends of mine who have been in my life for over 20 years. I was there the night they met, the night they got engaged, the night they got married and the night they found out you were a him. Your grandpa Ted was my favorite softball coach and grandma De used to cheer your mom and I in volleyball when we were in middle school and at Florida State. Speaking of Florida State, you will go & you will love it - the only exception will be for the Ivy Leagues. Your Aunt Tracy and I used to drive together & occasionally get in the tinciest amount of trouble, your Uncle Justin was in my mom's class, our bonds are deep! As my birthday twin, we already have a big deal of a bond and I promise to be the cool Auntie A.D.Jay.

I will be there for you, support you, pray for you and look out for you. Fort Lauderdale can be a tough place to grow up so do not be afraid to look to the Godly community you have been placed in for accountability and example.

I am so excited to see the man you will become. Love you Tank


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