Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Has anyone ever told you that you look like a certain kind of animal? Back when I played travel volleyball we would spend countless hours & matches that we were "reffing" (which when you combine any group of girls age 13-18 and expect them to watch a game rather than compare their schools, lives, loves, etc. is setting them up to be hated by more than one over zealous soccer mom. or just make the call in favor of the team you've already beat or the team that doesn't have some beef agaist yours..) we would pick apart every player on their team and decide what kind of animal they resembled. They were then donned that animal as their name - still to this day if one of the girls asked me who ant eater was, I could tell them #7 from USA south purple 17s (creepy memory I know).

I have always gotten golden retriever or the occassional lion. I take it as a compliment because I love my goldens :) and they are known for being loyal, protective companions (who also shed and hate being alone - take the good with the bad)

here are some web examples:
this could be my 5th grade teacher's twin!!!
this guy looks creepily like one of my co-workers..
oh Dwight..

next time your in a crowd - this game works in any setting - i betcha start pairing people up!

so who is your animal counter-part? don't be embarassed...

Y gold for goldens :)

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