Monday, March 15, 2010

Sushi, Sangria, Footloose, Fiji & Champagne

shout out to jordie for today's post!
Jord always has good nails. she can pull off pretty much any color. one time in college right before spring break Sun (honeysuckle's nail guy) convinced her to do lime green - or maybe one of her roommates offered to pay for it if they could pick the color - I am not 100% sure. But Sun became one of their good friends, he even invited Jordan on his family's vacation - her own seat in the van and all! anywho, nailpolish is just another reason that being a girl is fun, and who doesnt love fun?
I've always been a nail polish gal, when we started going to indian princesses we'd buy black and come home to our mother's horror. what kind of 7 year old girls want their nails black (it also matched our black lipstick, we were weird, we know.) hard candy was my first love. I would beg and plead with my mom to buy me the ugliest colors just to get those rubber rings. I remember sushi which was bright teal, still my favorite - and I think I found the color posted up top. I would literally change my nail polish color every night in junior high - I thought I was so cool. when we would make it to playoffs for volleyball we'd change our color for every game - neon green for regional finals, white with sparkles was for states..

As I get older (dang) I still love having bright colors on my fingers & toes. I don't like to match, it feels too serious. My friends sometimes make fun of me for having red fingers and pink toes but it's just another quirk I suppose they love me for. I tried acrylics, but they look weird on my hands, dark colors just don't suite my dedos or dedos de pies. my all time favorite color is OPI Sangria
Followed closely by ESSIE's Footloose

Who is followed by Fiji that has to be topped with Imported Champagne
stay fun

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