Wednesday, March 10, 2010

post every 4 months.. eek.

its been a few months since i posted, seems like everytime my life takes a big change i post a few times and then oopsies i forget.

I recently started working for a fund management company. I work with our properties and keeping our investors happy & in the loop, as well as most of the accounting - which for someone who got their only C in college in Financial Accounting - is quite daunting. but my boss has something in me that I've never really felt in other jobs - CONFIDENCE. he trusts me to make decisions about a lot of things and has never doubted my abilities. it is a nice feeling to have some stability in my life - well at least in my professional career.

in 12 days, GW and I are going to CHINA!!! one of her brothers lives there with his new wife & my sister's sister-in-law & husband also live there (in Beijing). I am so excited, I have never traveled anywhere with such a language barrier. we are pretty sure we are going to get lost everyday, but at least we'll be able to see over everyone's heads to find our way :) I recently watched an Oprah about cultural beauty & in China, tall people are considered successful and women want to look like Barbie. okay well I have the height, and I dont think I am anywhere as pretty as Barbie would be - but I do have blonde hair! GW is pretty tall too & she is blonde.. oh man, I am just really pumped.

I have a new career dream - paint studio!

I am sad about something but I feel like posting about it is just dwelling on it, and that is not my style.


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