Friday, March 19, 2010

'你好' [nǐ hǎo].

in just 3 days, I am going to China!

GW and I leave Tampa at 6:45am to Chicago, and then Chicago to Beijing. 13hrs and 29 minutes later, we will arrive. the fear I have traveling with GW is that the girl can sleep n-e-where. she used to fall asleep at our kitchen table with the television on and an iPod playing, and I don't think the roomies and I ever woke her up with our late-night antics. I am picturing we arrive in Beijing, she is fully rested - probably slept 13hrs and 14 minutes, and I have not slept at all! eek. I cannot ever sleep on planes.
we do not have much planned, her sister in law has RSVP'd for us to an event at the Embassy, my invitation was labeled "Ambassador AJ" when I got it in my e-mail. Pretty posh. We want to hike around, go to the markets, see the sights - but it will be very interesting with a complete language barrier, especially with the 4 people we know there having jobs so we will be unaccompanied wandering the streets for parts of our days. in all seriousness, we are excited, but a little intimidated. I am praying for safety, health & sunshine, and of course fun!

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