Tuesday, July 28, 2009

check mate

so last night I was watching the bachelorette season finale surrounded by trader joe's 3 layer hummus, pesto flatbread and 3 of my best friends. at every commercial break all 4 of us picked up our smartphones and scrolled around, looking for any sort of new notification, email, text, bbm, anything! you can guarantee that 12 months ago this would not be the case, what has happened to us in the past year that makes us so digitally dependent? it is sad!

today, as most weekdays, I am posted up at caribou coffee using monster.com, careerbuilder.com, gmail.com searching for that job. I have been here for 3 hours, applied for another 4 or 5 jobs, found out that I am caribbean green [go to http://www.primarycolorassessment.com/] to find out your color! but just in the past hour, 10 or 11 senior citizens have come in and set up their chess tables. they are adorable. most of them carry their roll up chess mats in their free pharmaceutical bags [at the moment I can see on for oncology and another for osteoporosis].

and I got to thinking.. [carrie bradshaw] what will we be doing when we are their age? what will we meet at the coffee shop to do for fun? play brickbreaker? compare our new iPhone applications on bone density and coupon clipping?

and I cannot wait to get my new lap top on Thursday [tax refund and tax free weekend in joe-ja] so I can blog more and have a more effective job search!

oh yeah, and I moved to Atlanta.


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