Friday, January 2, 2009

peacocks & world bazaar

just got done working on some trending research!

for april-july expect lots of use of the following colors:

base colors:

chocolate brown
sage green
fashion colors:
heartbreak red
peacock teal
accent colors:
mediterranean yellow [think golden rather than buttery]
royal purple

one of my favorite trends currently is the use of the peacock feather.. i've seen it everywhere. I love designs based on nature & think it gives the ultimate designer a bit of a shout out.

little short, but tights are not going anywhere.


calling all crafty girls.. DIY project.

*when using feathers to craft, first glue feathers onto a piece of thin felt & then to whatever you are adding to. cheap craft clips are great ways to add feathers to anything.

love these!
so thank you feathered friends for being an inspiration
thick hair
ps 2009!!!

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mary caroline said...

love the peacock flats! who are they buy? great seeing you, if only for a minute, at the 100th!!