Thursday, January 29, 2009

17 day countdown

In just 17 days I will be running in the Donna Deegan 1/2 Marathon/Full Marathon for Breast Cancer.

One of my new friends here asked me to train with her back in October, and reluctantly I said yes.

But since signing up for a membership at the Y.M.C.A the training has been a lot of fun & I have actually made a lot of progress.

Agreeing to do the run was hard because :
1. I have never run long distances
2. I did not think people would believe I was doing it [because of #1]
Agreeing to do the run was NOT hard because:
1. It is for a great cause, we all know someone affected by Breast Cancer.
2. Training for a 13.1 mile run will get you in S-H-A-P-E

So I did not tell anyone until I reached the 5 mile marker back in November. December saw great strides. [if you are my friend on the book, every Monday marked a new mile, all the way up to 11]

and then, AND THEN... Christmas & NYE happened. Slump.

But last night I was encouraged that I had re-met the 8 mile mark.

Now the part I have been looking forward to, the shoes & the outfit. [obviously]

I have been mixing up my training in my summer of 2005 Nike Shox [which apparently are the worst shoes to run in?!] & my clearance rack New Balance [that my dad has the same pair of, which I am fine with]

Only problem with these lookers is that they do not keep my foot stabile. I think they are a size wider than normal [probably should have noticed that on the clearance rack]

So the quest begins for new shuz [let's get some shuz].

I have heard these Mizuno ones are good, any takers? It is hard to me to separate fashion vs. function, I have always loved getting new athletic shoes.. weird I know. But ask my mother.

and I really like the looks of these, but I do not know if maybe I have a New Balance curse..

lunch break is over :(

thick hair

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