Sunday, December 28, 2008

9 rhymes with..

drink a lot of wine?
be completely divine?
buy a house that is mine?
go camping among trees of pine?

any of thsoe could be good for 2009, right?

the holidays, rather CHRISTMAS, was great.

went to my junior high/high school's church for Christmas eve service instead of walking the 100yards to my lifetime church. it was okay, got to see all of Alex's family [minus Alex] & meet baby Noey, presh.

Christmas day was 80 degrees, had the usual suspects over & played some fun games. two of which were:

1. everyone write down something nice about everyone else, anonymously.
2. everyone write down someone's name who is either: famous, a well known person among the group playing.. then you randomly pick a name and without looking [most important part] stick it to your forehead. you then have to ask yes/no questions until you can guess who it is. I gave Dad the name Baby Jesus, and had to guess Tim Tebow & Warren Buffet myself. TT was easy, but I still have no clue who Warren Buffet is.

I am so excited to go back to Duuuuu-vahhhl for NYE & for 2009, I think the Lord has some exciting things in store.

10 miles strong!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!

Promising to write more [New Year's resolution????]

thick hair

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