Friday, November 7, 2008

it's fun to -cycle- at the...

Y.M.C.A.. la-la-la-la-di-dah.. that is about as much as I know.

But, because of a wondeful 16 MILLION dollar donation, I can work out a gorgeous gym at a income-fixed price. It was formerly a rehabilitation center that was donated to the Young Men's Christian Association [in case you have forgotten] a little while ago.

They have Zumba, Cycling, Yoga, Body Pump etc etc etc. classes. I am particularly excited about Zumba, mainly because it is in a wood-floor-no-mirror gym that I can go to with some of the wonderful girls I have met here. And with the no mirrors I will not feel inhibited & just have fun!

I joined the gym for those reasons but also because on February 15th, 2009 I am running a half marathon for breast cancer. I committed a little over a month ago and did not really want to tell anyone until I reached my 5 mile point. And I just did! And now that it is dark when I leave work [which I despise] I cannot run outside/on the beach anymore [which I also despise] because it is not safe [shocker, but I despise that too!]

Alma Matter this weekend for a football game with some of the bests from home, and mrs.sissy & spency!

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