Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my little pumpkin!

as an impulse by at la walmarte this past weekend [my exciting Friday night] I bought the ingrediants [all 5 of them] to make a delicious pumpkin pie. i did not get around to baking it until Monday [ie: college football, birthday party at our house on Saturday & went to a NFL game on Sunday] and even more self-control did not get to eat it until last night, but you know what.. it was really good! i was pretty proud of myself.

next Tuesday, i am hosting my Bible study girls so perhaps i will make another pumpkin pie. if anyone reading this [aka my sister and maybe 1 random blog-browser..] has any fun fall recipes I would love a suggestion!

this election is getting so close! we could see Sarah Palin from my window at work yesterday! very exciting.

Y, thick hair

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starladder said...

Hey Girl,

Fall cooking, how fun! is always an awesome resource for recipes (their search function is incredible). Here are some that looked good:

Fig and Walnut Tapenade
I made this recently and couldn't find walnuts, so used pinenuts, which were good as well and maybe easier to eat on crackers.)

Baked Artichoke Dip

Here's another dessert idea:

Bon Appetit!