Monday, September 1, 2008

welcome me.

this is very exciting for me.

i spend a lot of time on blogs at work [a big no no] but i disguise it as looking for fashions for my line of work. i have always wanted to create one, make it pretty and have my friends and readers multiply daily, but i am no carrie bradshaw. infact i am not even sure if that is how "she" spells her name.

my blog will be filled with my findings, rants, raves and probably some family stores. Ma & Dah, the girls and the newlyweds will be their names.

i am a: recent/slightly depressed college grad, newly professional, contently single, conservatively moderate, ecletically bargainere, bridesmaid experienced, greek life enthusiast.

get to know me.


mary caroline said...

Hi! I'm not sure who this is exactly... but I have a few guesses. Let me know! Welcome to the blog world :)

Laurie said...

The wall Marlin could be quite easy to come by...just call Chrissie. On the way back from Sea Camp, oh so long ago (fifth grade), Rob and I stopped at some dumb store in the keys and bought a similar item. I am so sure my mom would be happy to pass it on to you... she never has really appreciated that sort of, quote un-quote, wall art, in her house. I miss you terribly.
Shining Star

assistant buyer said...

i ordered it today from :D i miss misschriss! & you SS

mary e said...

i am loving your blog missy! i have a great store for you to visit in palm beach. one of our favorite pick up a treasure every time kinda place. I'll buy lunch! yay...oh you won't be down for a long time... i'll wait!