Wednesday, September 3, 2008


this weekend i am going to my alma matter to reunite with some of my great friends for our first football game of the season. it is going to be very weird for us to not be part of the student body still, i am very intrigued as to how it will play out. what do you wear as an alum? surely our old get ups for constructed dresses from t-shirts, greek letter pins are a no-go.. but i think we are too reluctant to admit we are actually alumni and wear boring heather grey t-shirts with alumni scrolled across the chest. what better way to say, "hey i'm old".

i'm also really excited to get my crafting drawers out of my storage unit! over the past 4 years i have accumulated quite the smorgasboard of supplies ranging from lace to tye dye, to stencils and fabric paint, and oodles of paint markers and stationary supples. i am looking forward to bring home those inspiring drawers, organize them and craft myself away.

on the unfortunate side of things, i am not looking forward to bringing home my winter clothes.
to me, nothing says drear like fall clothes.

if you go into stores these next few weeks [especially in florida] you will notice that some clothing companies have forgotten that here it is ninety degrees until approximately.. January when it dips down fifty or sixty degrees for about two week period. that is something i have learned to appreciate here at the fishbowl, is that we take into account what kind of climate our stores are actually in, instead of sending hooded parkas and courdoroy slacks to our resort stores [as was the case i saw this weekend when i was in j.crew]. not only is too hot to wear these clothes, but it is hot enough outside of the stores that nobody even wants to look at dark colors and thick fabrics.

enough ranting for now about what retail should be doing, i should probably get back to what i should be doing too. until next time, get out and shop! these past few weeks have been noted the best bargains of the summer. and if you are a shopper like me, who despises the drear of fall, buy some clearance summer clothes, accessorize accordingly and [sun]shine your way into early fall.

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