Thursday, September 4, 2008

the stork is a' coming

naturally after wedding season comes.. baby season! but before the little ones arrive, its baby shower season.

i am not quite sure if noelle is technically related to me, what do you call the sister-in-law of your own sister? but she is having a baby girl, and she will be the apple of all eleven of her immediate family members. [its probably more than eleven but i stopped counting after aunts, uncles and maternal grandparents]. i have been doing some thinking and mind changing between - do i get her something off of the registry and play it safe [& convenient to the new mom and dad] or do i go the fun route and get her something fun! i've decided to do a bit of both. for baby noelle i picked out these adorable hooded towels [registry]
&& for fun noah's ark squirty bath toys:

baby #2 will be the God sent son to the nanny of the family i nannied alot for at home. she is going to be an amazing mom and this baby is such a blessing. his name is Brett.. funny story about Brett: the little girl in the family we both care for, Lexi 3 years old is quite the character. when she was told that the baby "in manda's tummy" was going to be named Brett she said, "he cant be named that.. that's what i wear in my hair". she's a cutie. i onced dressed her up in my aviators, let her hold miss.america [my LV speedy] and tied my "hermes" scarf around her as a dress.. she refused to take the outfit off until after picked big brother up from school so she could show everyone her outfit. anyways, for Brett i picked out this super plush blanket [registry]

&& for fun: conveniently the same noah's ark squirty toys!

thus the moral of the story: get a gift off of the registry, pick an accessory that makees it more personal && pick something lightweight that will ship for cheap.

told you i'm a bargaineere.

safe travels mr.stork, deliver with care. Y

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