Tuesday, September 2, 2008

daily decor

I am in the process of decorating my first real world apartment. No hodge podge of assorted plates, posters and assorted promotional cups, but dinnerware, decor and coordinating hand towels - very exciting I know. Fortunately with my handy employee discount, and our quick eye in the dumpster, rooms [my roommate] and I have been able to to assemble quite the apartment. my theme in my room is nautical chabby chic but also keeping my love for design and inspiration around. its my attempt of having a beach house all in one room. i will post some pictures of the pieces i have made, bought and assembled later but i am really excited about this guy i just got. if it reminds you of something you might find in a 7 year old boys bedroom, well sorry, but i think it is kind of fun.



apparently it can be hung quite easily.. 2 thumbtacks is what bizrate users said.

next hunt:
vintage steamer chest. oooh ahhh. ebay $1200+, thick hair: $40 and some stainer is what i am hoping for.

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